safety during covid

Following nearly a year of working within COVID regulations, both the prep and senior sites are well-equipped to provide a safe and secure summer course. Sedbergh ISS benefits from being away from built-up areas, so our students can enjoy the peaceful scenery and not have to worry about crowds of people or congested streets.

In order to minimise the number of people our students come into contact with, we have reduced our maximum capacity on the summer school by 40%. This allows us to have fewer students per room and smaller English classes, avoiding contact in enclosed spaces. We are also not offering sports courses in combination with ISS for summer 2021, as this would allow too much interaction between different groups of students across the two campuses. We are very fortunate to be surrounded by outstanding facilities at the Prep School which enables us to offer so many exciting activities for our pupils. Our excursion programme will make the most of the Lake District National Park and Europe’s number 1 National Park, the Yorkshire Dales.

Sedbergh ISS will continue to use the outstanding biosecurity measures currently used by the prep and senior schools, which include:

  • Hand sanitising stations on walls around the campus, including boarding houses
  • A one-way system throughout the campus
  • PCP testing on arrival to the site
  • Restricted visitor access
  • Weekly PCP testing of staff
  • Minibuses (used for airport transfers, activities and excursions) are regularly disinfected using fog/mist
  • Bedrooms are also disinfected with fog/mist after a student departs the course and before another student uses the bedroom
  • Nurses and welfare staff with experience of dealing with COVID regulations

Finally, should any student or staff member display symptoms of the virus, we have an isolation unit to contain any potential spread of the virus. An area including bedrooms with a separate bathroom and sitting area (to avoid students spending all day in their bedroom) is on hand to allow self-isolating students or staff to be monitored without risking the spread of the virus. This area has a separate entrance and exit and would be off-limits to other students and any staff not involved with monitoring the situation.

Payments & Refunds

Should the course be cancelled a full refund will be issued or alternatively, you can move your booking to 2022 and secure it at the 2021 price. If your child is unable to travel due to Covid restrictions, a full refund will be issued or alternatively, you can move your booking to 2022 and secure it at the 2021 price.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming overseas children to Sedbergh ISS and should you wish to discuss anything further, please email: [email protected]