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Sedbergh Summer School 4

The first school I have ever been to where the English lessons are really useful.

Rodolfo from Italy

A summer course built around you 

Our programme provides 15 hours of formal English lessons each week, with pupils placed onto the Junior (Ages 8-12) or Senior Course (Ages 13-16). Teaching staff are experienced, enthusiastic native speakers, dedicated to providing pupils with engaging, fun and interesting lessons. Staff use the latest pedagogical methods, multimedia tools and resources to help pupils develop their language skills and our 1:15 teacher-pupil ratio ensures pupils benefit from their teacher’s dedicated time and attention.

Formal lessons are timetabled on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings. (Thursdays and Sundays are excursion days).  Different weekly themes ensure that lessons remain fun and interesting, with formal lessons taking place both in the classroom and within our community.  Active Communication is encouraged throughout the course and language skills continue to develop as our pupils take part in a wide and varied range of excursions and activities. Speaking, listening and reading skills are continually assessed and improved alongside their general comprehension and understanding of English grammar.

During lessons, students are divided into groups by age and ability, based on their placement test results. This ensures they are placed with students of a similar age and ability. Lessons are tailored to the needs of the group, thus maximising pupil engagement, enjoyment and language development.

In 2017, 100% of parents said their child’s English language skills had improved as a result of attending Sedbergh International Summer School (surveymonkey 2019)

As small classes are maintained (maximum 15 students per class), teachers are able to monitor each student’s progress and provide individual assistance. Every student receives a full academic report and certificate at the end of the course with comments from their Teacher,  Houseparent and the Course Director.

Sedbergh Summer School 7
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At Sedbergh, we value the importance of community engagement.  As a junior you will have the opportunity to visit the surrounding towns and villages to complete class projects. Regular conversation with the local British people will help to develop your spoken English.   

Senior pupils are encouraged to develop their independent learning and research skills. Staff guide older pupils through a combination of individual and group based projects, many of which require engagement with our local and wider community. 


Pupils will complete a short test on arrival enabling teachers to allocate them to the most appropriate class for their ability.


All Sedbergh teaching staff are experienced, enthusiastic native speakers, dedicated to providing pupils with engaging, fun and interesting lessons.


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At Sedbergh, we recognise the achievements of all our pupils. An Awards Ceremony is held each week to celebrate   their academic achievements and in-house contributions. Pupils who have worked hard, and shown a desire to help others, may be selected for the Student of the Week certificate.

I really enjoyed the awards ceremony because I got a ‘Student of the Week’ certificate.

Pablo from Spain