Who looks after my child?

Sedbergh School is renowned for its pastoral care, this is replicated during the ISS with Sedbergh School’s own staff working on the course. During their stay your child is looked-after by an experienced Houseparent and Matron.

How does my child get from and to the airport?

The school provides airport pick-ups and drop-offs from Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Newcastle and Leeds Bradford international airports, these are included in the fee. Your child is met at the airport by a member of Sedbergh ISS wearing a school shirt and holding a sign with “Sedbergh International Summer School” on it. At the end of their stay the school also takes your child safely to the airport for their return flight.

For Unaccompanied Minors, as arrangements vary between airlines please notify us of the individual requirements. Please be aware that many airlines now expect an additional payment for any unaccompanied travellers under the age of 16. We confirm the name and contact number of the member of staff collecting your child just prior to the start of the course. However please note that an additional charge of £50 for each transfer applies.

How far is it to major cities and their airports?

Casterton is a village located near the town of Kirkby Lonsdale. Casterton is approximately a 90 minute drive from both Manchester and Liverpool city centres and their international airports.

Where does my child live?

The course is fully residential. Boys and girls live separately in one of our beautiful boarding houses. The houses are under the supervision of a Houseparent and a Matron which ensures a happy and supportive environment for your child during their stay.

What does my child need to bring with them?

Clothing should be casual, practical, machine washable and labelled with their name. The average temperature during July is between 18 – 23 degrees. However, England can be wet and cool at any time of year and your child should come prepared for both warm and cool weather. Bedlinen is provided but your child should bring both a bath towel and a swimming towel with them.

What is included in the cost?

The weekly cost of the course covers all accommodation, meals, English lessons, all sports and activities, excursions, internet access and a laundry service as well as airport transfers.

How can I send pocket money?

Your child can bring cash with them which can be kept safely in the Summer School office and withdrawn at a certain time each day. You may also choose to make a direct payment for pocket at the time of booking and we will have the money ready for your child’s arrival.

How many meals a day are included?

Three meals are included each day; breakfast, lunch and dinner are taken together in the dining hall. Drinks and snacks are served in the long morning break between lessons and ‘chocolate time’ happens at the end of each day. Your child is given a packed lunch on excursions. We must be informed of any special dietary needs prior to arrival.

What happens with laundry?

All linen (sheets, pillow and pillow case, duvet and duvet cover) is provided. Your child should bring their own towels. Clothes are laundered twice a week and bed-linen is changed once a week.
Please ensure that:
1. all clothing is machine washable
2. every item is clearly marked with the student’s name.

Which class will my child be in?

Your child and the other students are divided into age groups, juniors (8-12) and seniors (13-16), for lessons. When your child arrives they will complete a placement test which ensures that they are placed in a class with boys and girls of a similar age and ability.

How can I contact my child?

Your child may bring a phone which they can use to call home at specified times of the day. There are also emergency numbers for any problems on the day of travel and during the course which is sent to you just before the start of the course.

Does my child need a laptop?

Your child does not need to bring a laptop with them. There are iPads and computers available for them to use during break times.

Who else is on the course?

Last year we had 80 students on the course from all over the world, many from Europe and some from further afield including China, Hong Kong, Japan and Russia.

How big are the classes?

The class size never exceeds 15 students and are often smaller than this.

Does my child need a visa?

If your child is travelling on a passport issued by a country outside of the EU they require a visa. In this case, a Visa Invitation Letter is issued upon your registration.

How soon should I book a place?

As some nationalities tend to book quite early and we have a policy of only allowing a maximum of 20% of each nationality it is good to book as early as possible.

What level of English does my child need?

We welcome all levels and abilities on the ISS. When your child arrives they undertake a placement test to ensure they are placed in the correct class for their ability.

Should my child bring a mobile phone?

We encourage our students to bring their mobile phone, as they are useful on excursion days (in case of emergency) and for keeping in touch with parents. However, if your child does not have a mobile phone, they can contact you from our office if necessary. At Sedbergh ISS we are very keen for our students to socialise and make friends and therefore all students must hand in their mobile phones to their House Parents at night when going to bed, and keep them in their boarding house during lessons, break and mealtimes. Phones seen by staff during prohibited times will be confiscated for a short time.