Our mission is to ensure each student is encouraged to realise their full potential during the course , by exploring the limits of their ability and learning to thrive outside their own comfort zone.

We aim to ensure that all aspects of the course provides a rich educational experience – whether this is improving their English in the classroom, interacting with the local community or in personal development through outdoor pursuits, team building activities and our cultural excursions. We provide a range of opportunities that allow students to develop existing talents and discover new passions.

Each student becomes well-known to our staff, who in return expect our students to seize the opportunities on offer or, better still, create new ones.


At Sedbergh ISS, we aim to develop positive attitudes and behaviour. We have introduced new SPIRIT activities, which will develop some of the skills and values that Sedbergh School itself looks for.  These skills are:

Self-motivation – this student wants to work hard and do well, and is enthusiastic about what they do. They are active in lessons, activities and in the house.

Perseverance – this student does not stop trying when things get difficult; they continue to try hard.

Independence – this person has their own goals and interests, and knows what they want to do. If another student asks them to do something they think is wrong, they won’t do it.

Responsibility – this student knows that they should do certain things – for example, be on time, be kind and polite to others, and try their best. If they can follow these rules, or see the importance of them, they are being responsible.

Imagination – this student can think of new and different ways of doing things and can use this to be creative.

Teamwork – this student can work with other people and can help the group be better and get more done.

As well as our ‘Student of the Week’ Awards, we will also be offering students the opportunity to win SPIRIT awards – anyone who displays the skills above will be able to win this additional prize.