Our mission is to ensure each pupil is encouraged to realise their full potentialexploring the limits of their ability whilst learning to thrive outside their own comfort zone. 

Our dedicated team are committed to providing our pupils with a rich educational experience within an environment that encourages them to flourish, developing new talents, discovering new passions and making life-long friendships in a safe, supportive environment. 


Enabling children to develop positive attitudes and behaviour is vitally important to us at Sedbergh International Summer School. The Sedbergh SPIRIT is at the heart of everything we do, reflecting the ethos and values of the Sedbergh family. Values that include:  

Self-motivation – a pupil that wants to work hard and do well, is enthusiastic about what they do, active in lessons, activities and in the house. 

Perseverance – a pupil that does not stop trying when things get difficult; they continue to try hard. 

Independence – a pupil with their own goals and interests and an understanding of what they want to do. Independent pupils are self-reliant and understand the importance of ‘doing the right thing’ at all times. If another student asks them to do something they think is wrong, they won’t do it. 

Responsibility – a pupil that understands how to behave – for example, be on time, be kind and polite to others, and try their best. If they can follow these rules, or see the importance of them, they are being responsible. 

Imagination – a pupil that can think of new and different ways of doing things and can use this to be creative. 

Teamwork – a pupil that can work with other people, helping the group be better and get more done. 

We believe in celebrating success, recognising the achievements of all our pupils. From our ‘Pupil of the Week’ certificate to the SPIRIT awards, hard work, a desire to help others, courage, creativity and kindness are all recognised and rewarded in an Awards Ceremony held every week to celebrate the contributions made both academically and ‘in house’.