Free English Test and Lesson

Free English Support Before You Arrive

Once registered, you will receive a free 15-minute 1:1 English level assessment followed by small group 30-minute class, both with qualified TEFL teachers.

Sedbergh ISS would like to offer you a free English level check and taster lesson!

We realise that the past year has made it difficult for many people to keep up with face-to-face English lessons, and that some skills (especially speaking) might be in need of a little extra help. For this reason, as a registered/previous student on Sedbergh’s International Summer School, we are offering you a free, 15-minute, 1:1 English level check, followed at a later date by a free 30-minute live refresher lesson with a small group of students. Both of these sessions will be delivered by qualified, native English teachers via an online platform.

Unlike some online English level tests, which use multiple-choice questions to automatically provide a level without taking speaking into account, our test is a quick and friendly conversation with a qualified English teacher, who will assess your level based on your response to a series of questions which increase in difficulty. Once your level has been identified, the teacher will continue the conversation at the appropriate level to explore your areas of strength and those which could be developed further.

How will the level test work?

You will have a private call with one of our qualified English teachers, during which you will answer some questions, which increase in difficulty. If you have an A2 level of English, you will answer a few questions until the B1 question slows you down, at which point the teacher will ask you more A2-level questions, relating to various areas such as your family, school, hobbies and interests, so you can show off what you know. If you have a higher level such as C1, you will quickly talk through the initial questions and then, after attempting a C2 question, will answer more questions at a C1 level, on topics ranging from your childhood hobbies to your future plans.

What will the group class be like?

As the teacher has already assessed your level, you will be in a call with students of a similar level and the lesson will be tailored to suit the needs of your group. The lesson will involve some instruction from the teacher and lots of group discussion, enabling you to refresh your speaking and listening skills, ready for your time at the summer school. Depending on your level and interest, the teacher may also incorporate exam-style questions such as IELTS or Cambridge First Certificate, to provide further practice for anyone studying for these exams in their home country or taking the IELTS exam with Sedbergh.

Will this affect which class I am put into when I attend Sedbergh ISS?

No – although we can take into account the level you were given in this assessment, you will still take a short test on arrival at Sedbergh to determine your level. This test will also test your knowledge of grammar, which is more important on the summer course than during the online session.

Is there any cost?

No! You only need to provide the 45 minutes it takes to complete the sessions.