english lessons


Our experienced English teachers will continue to provide
relevant, interesting and engaging lessons for our online course.
After taking a quick and effective online placement test to
identify their English group, students will use ZOOM to access
their lessons by following a private link sent by their teacher. By
clicking ‘join class’ students will see their lesson content taught
live by their teacher, and will be able to interact with their
teacher and classmates through their webcam and microphone.
All lesson content will be available after the lesson, and teachers
will also provide additional activities for students to complete
during independent study, to allow for further English practice.

Class groups and lesson content will continue to be split into Junior (aged 8-12) and Senior (aged 13-17) as well as by English ability, to ensure that lessons are suitable for each individual, with tailored lesson themes and activities.

Students will receive regular feedback from their teachers throughout the week and a full report at the end of their course, with comments from their teacher about their English level and progress made.

We have partnered with an established online learning platform to continue to provide Sedbergh’s communicative and engaging lessons, supported by an online bank of tested content which our experienced teachers can use as a platform to build outstanding lessons.

Communication will be just as important in the online classroom, and students will develop and practice their speaking skills through interaction with their classmates, maintaining the social element of the course.