A typical day at ISS is extremely busy, and our remote course aims to keep students fully immersed in our exciting English and activities programme.

Every day students will be able to take part in fun sports and games Activities in live sessions with our activity staff. They will also have access to challenges and activities they can complete themselves at home, and we will encourage these to be posted on our social media – by students and staff alike!

The arts, drama and music will not be left behind, and will also be included in our Activities sessions. Students will have the opportunity to share their creations online and in weekly Awards Ceremonies.

The sense of community is what makes Sedbergh ISS special, and we will maintain this through our social media channels, with staff and students sharing work, photos and achievements on a daily basis. Competitions such as MasterChef will also enable students to get involved outside of the online classroom. Finally, our Awards Ceremony will highlight the students who have made impressive progress, put in a lot of effort or otherwise shown the Sedbergh Spirit.