Meet the team

Senior & Pastoral Team


Gemma Newton

Course Director

Gemma started her time at Sedbergh ISS as a TEFL teacher in 2013, after teaching in other British summer schools and spending a year teaching English in Poland. She then spent some years teaching English in Madrid, where she took her Delta (diploma for English teaching). She became Director of Studies and then Course Director for ISS and has become a familiar face for returning students.


Nick Giraud

Operations Director

Nick is a former Sedbergh pupil himself (Evans house), so he knows all there is to know about being a student at Sedbergh School. He has been a member of the Activities team for a number of years, and last year became Operations Director. He continues in this role for 2020, and is very excited to introduce the students to all of the exciting opportunities on offer this summer.


Monika Kinder

Welfare Officer

Monika was a Matron at Sedbergh School for many years, including in Hart House. She remains at the school in her capacity as Head Assistant (Matron) to the House Master/Mistress at Sedbergh School, coordinating and managing the team of Assistants. She has been Welfare Officer (formerly called Matron) on the summer school for a number of years. She looks after each child’s health and wellbeing on the course and makes the summer school feel like home for students and staff: she makes sure Chocolate Time happens every evening  and ensures everyone is healthy and happy.



Hannah Allen

House Parent

Hannah (Senior girls) is a recently qualified teacher who specialises in special educational needs. She was a House Parent last summer enjoyed helping with Arts & Crafts activities. Amy (Junior girls), another old Sedbergian, also returns from 2019 and brings with her lots of enthusiasm for sports and fitness - she is currently studying Sports Business at university.


Amy Slattery

House Parent

Amy (Junior girls), another old Sedbergian, also returns from 2019 and brings with her lots of enthusiasm for sports and fitness - she is currently studying Sports Business at university.

James Lister

House Parent

James (boys) is another of the team who studied at Sedbergh school himself, and is currently studying at Oxford Brookes University. Before university, James spend a year working at an International School in China and is planning to teach English in China again starting in September 2020.



Pat Fanno

Assistant Director of Studies (ADOS)

Pat has been teaching for 13 years, including in UK summer schools, the USA, Ireland and more recently, Spain. She has taught a wide variety of English students for their general, business, medical, banking, armed forces, law and marketing English needs, both face-to-face and online. She is also experienced in teaching for IELTS, TOEFL and  Cambridge exams. She has also been a Court Appointed Advocate for youth and minors.
Her role this summer is to teach some English lessons and support the other teachers on ISS, ensuring high standards and student welfare are maintained across all classrooms. She loves working on summer schools for their energy and the possibility for dynamic classroom activities as well as fun events such as the Talent Show.
Pat is also keen to get involved in our sports and activities - she loves outdoor sports such as skiing and white water rafting!


Charlotte Aldred

TEFL Teacher & ISS Coordinator

Charlotte has worked on the summer school both as a TEFL teacher and as coordinator, organising the administration of the course. This summer she will combine the two roles, teaching some English lessons and working in the ISS office. She is a TEFL teacher who currently runs her own English teaching business in Poland, and you might see her going for runs in the Sedbergh countryside during the course.



Philippa Sedgwick

Philippa Sedgwick is a qualified primary school teacher who lives close to Sedbergh and enjoys the performing arts in her free time, often volunteering with a youth drama and dance group. Having attended an International School herself, she is passionate about teaching English as an Additional Language and creating stimulating lessons that motivate students.


Heather McClelland

Heather McClelland is a fan of the outdoors and used to live in the Lake District, where Sedbergh School is situated. She has taught English in Germany and Italy, and she enjoys making her lessons varied - you won't always be sitting down!

Rosine New

Rosine Simpson

Rosine Simpsonhas taught in primary schools but is especially interested in teaching English as an Additional Language to adults and children, and enjoys blending traditional teaching with more modern approaches, which are tailored to individual students.

Rahil New

Rahil Rashid-Laghzaoui

Rahil Rashid-Laghzaoui is our IELTS teacher for summer 2020. As well as her TEFL certificate she has attended a one-week training course for teaching IELTS provided by the British Council, and is looking forward to using a variety of activities to make the exam preparation interesting and engaging.

Danyelle Catterall

Danyelle Catterall has taught English in China and more recently has worked with schools that specialise in teaching children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). She especially enjoys teaching young children and enabling communication between new speakers of English.

Helen Booth

Helen Booth has taught both Spanish and English and is currently teaching English online, which has helped her to embrace technology and bring useful tools into the classroom. She is especially good at supporting students who feel less confident in their English abilities.



Alice Slattery

Activities Coordinator

Alice is also a former Sedbergh pupil and has supported the summer school Activities team for a number of years. This year she returns as Activities Coordinator, so she will be organising all of the exciting afternoon and evening activities for this years’ pupils.


Henry Collinson

Activity Staff

Henry is a former Sedbergh pupil who enjoys playing sports such as rugby, tennis, swimming, cricket, football and fives. He is looking forward to helping in the house (he was Head of Year 10 during his time at Sedbergh) and organising evening social activities.


Tom Bouchardon

Activity Staff

Tom is a returning summer school student who is one of few people to have attended for more than five years. Having been through the summer school experience himself, he knows all there is to know about life in the house and how to make the most of English lessons and activities. He is especially interested in drama activities as he runs his own drama group in his home country of France. He has always said he wanted to return as a staff member, and who better than to have on the team?


Billie Carter

Activity Staff

Billie is an experienced horse rider and has run a summer cooking course for young people in the past, so be prepared for her skills during our MasterChef activity!