pupils aged 14 - 17 YEARS OLD

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future"

Franklin D. Roosevelt

what is lira?

LIRA is a transformative, 2-week development programme for 14-17 year olds combining personal coaching, experiential learning and fun excursions to support pupils as they examine the attributes and develop the necessary skills to become effective leaders of the future.

Designed as a progressive curriculum that continuously stretches the pupils in a supportive and encouraging environment, pupils will understand how their ability to lead and effect change incorporates the following:

• Compassion
• Creativity
• Courage
• Curiosity
• Collaboration

Pupils will be split into syndicates and assigned a designated coach who will support each pupil as they take part in a combination of individual working, group tasks/challenges, practical workshops, outdoor activities and collective outings. Pupils will benefit from continuous
assistance and feedback.

They will be provided with a safe and supportive environment in which they can nurture these attributes, practicing the different behaviours learned throughout the programme, putting them into practice in a variety of scenarios and environments.

"I'd like to thank you again for your commitment towards your pupils........ I believe my son learned essential lessons about self- awareness and interpersonal skills which would have accelerated my own development tremendously if only someone had shared it with me at such a young age." Parent


Sedbergh's Thread of GOLD is integrated into the LIRA programme with fun and enjoyment at the very heart of delivery.

GROWTH: Developing a self-aware, conscious individual

ORIGINALITY: The ability to think independently and creatively

LEADERSHIP: To inspire teammates in a dynamic environment towards a collective goal

DETERMINATION: To persevere and remain focused when presented with mental and physical challenges

" It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot about myself whilst having a great time..... It was a good mix of learning and having fun..... I would 100% recommend it!" Student

course topics

self awareness

Often cited as the most important skill for leaders to develop. Pupils will focus on:

  • Understanding our values and how they are vital for building a sense of self purpose.
  • Motivation: What are we passionate about and how do we harness the motivation it inspires?
  • Strengths and weaknesses: How do we identify our strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do they affect our behaviour in a variety of different environments?
  • Reflection: What is it, why is it important and how do we use it effectively?

understanding others

Working well in a team is important, but leaders need to be empathetic, compassionate and able to understand how and why someone may think/ feel/behave/experience things differently. An effective leader needs to ensure that their team is aligned towards the same goal in a way that allows
individuals to express their own ideas and utilise their particular skills. Topics will include:

  • Team dynamics and the roles people play
  • Inspiration vs Motivation
  • How to have a meaningful conversation and demonstrate effective listening skills
  • Building compassion and empathy
  • Understanding how different styles of leadership can be used in different scenarios

ways of the world

In order to create change in the world, it is important to have an awareness of current global issues. Individuals need to be able to look at the bigger picture and understand how their individual contribution can have an impact on the world around us. Pupils will:

  • Consider the meaning of culture and its influence
  • Examine the current societal trends and key topics from their native country
  • Identify and develop/discuss opinions on key topics and debates in society
  • Develop an understanding about how different countries political systems impact global development
  • Look at the UN sustainable development goals and consider ways in which students might like to contribute to them


Pupils will focus on developing self-confidence and a range of skills that enable them to feel empowered to go out into the world and make a difference including:

  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to set effective and inspiring goals
  • Clarity over confidence: how to focus on the present and manage/ground oneself in times of stress
  • How to achieve goals without burning out in the process