pupils aged 14 - 16 YEARS OLD

LIRA is a transformative, 2-week development programme for 14-16 year olds.

Leadership develops through a combination of knowledge, tools and experience.

Designed as a progressive curriculum that continuously stretches the pupils in a supportive and encouraging environment, the LIRA programme enables young people to learn, explore and practice the foundations of how to lead themselves and others through personal coaching, experiential learning and excursions.

Thought provoking and fully interactive, programme content is delivered using in-person priming sessions followed by individual and group exercises, all of  which focus and relate back to our four themes: leading; caring; connecting; exploring.


Pupils explore the big questions of leadership; What is leadership? What are the different styles and skills of leadership? How does leadership relate to me?


Great leaders need to get the best out of themselves and others. Pupils will work on developing self-awareness, confidence, empathy, resilience and adaptability.


Learning how to communicate powerfully and negotiate with stakeholders, pupils will understand how building and sustaining relationships with others helps us to navigate life’s challenges.


Pupils explore why creativity is important to performance and use recognised tools to explore problems in ways that develop new and interesting solutions.

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"I'd like to thank you again for your commitment towards your pupils........ I believe my son learned essential lessons about self- awareness and interpersonal skills which would have accelerated my own development tremendously if only someone had shared it with me at such a young age." Parent

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What do you learn?

  • Leadership styles to navigate all situations
  • Goal setting to develop an individual plan
  • Enhanced communication and negotiation skills
  • Creativity tools to solve complex problems in new and interesting ways
  • Sense-making tools to evaluate potential solutions
  • Taking responsibility and being accountable
  • Coaching skills
  • Reflection as part of performance improvement
  • Being part of - and leading - teams
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""We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future" Franklin D. Roosevelt


Pupils will be split into syndicates and assigned a designated coach who will support each pupil as they take part in a combination of individual working, group tasks/challenges, practical workshops, outdoor activities and collective outings. Pupils benefit from continuous assistance and feedback.

Week 1 – Acquiring Leadership Skills

Learning how to come together as a team

The focus of week 1 is the acquisition of leadership skills, such as the GROW model for coaching, EQ skills, thinking tools, goal setting and planning. Through a combination of individual and group activities we explore and practice foundational leadership concepts and skills.

Weekend – Putting Skills & Teamwork to the Test

Learning how to perform under pressure

The focus on the weekend is to ‘stress test’ student’s teamwork and leadership skills in a simulated international rescue mission based on the survival training programme used by the Royal Air Force.

The simulation is done in teams outdoors and adds practical survival skills to student’s newly acquired leadership skills. Each group is supported by coaches to ensure the optimum levels of challenge & support.

Week 2 – Working on a Global Challenge

Learning how to lead change

The focus of the second week is to introduce students to global challenges and a range of approaches that might be used to lead change.


Students live in mixed nationality rooms, normally of 2-4 beds. Houses are well-equipped with social areas providing games room, wifi and Sky TV. Students are encouraged to maintain regular contact with their families at home.

The School has excellent catering staff and dining facilities and a full and varied menu of ‘international style’ food is provided. For lunch and dinner, there is a choice of hot dishes and a vegetarian option and a salad bar are always provided. Fresh fruit is offered at every meal.


Sedbergh's Thread of GOLD is integrated into the LIRA programme with fun and enjoyment at the very heart of delivery.

GROWTH: Developing a self-aware, conscious individual

ORIGINALITY: The ability to think independently and creatively

LEADERSHIP: To inspire teammates in a dynamic environment towards a collective goal

DETERMINATION: To persevere and remain focused when presented with mental and physical challenges

" It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot about myself whilst having a great time..... It was a good mix of learning and having fun..... I would 100% recommend it!" Student